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There was a full test of the Manta Equation in a recent issue (July 30 2004) of Yachts and Yachting magazine.

"The Equation does all the things required of a sailboat." Jeremy Evans, Yachts and Yachting July 2004


Welcome to, home of Twin Blade Ltd, makers of the radical new Manta Equation sailboat.

The Manta Equation is a revolutionary new design concept, unlike any other production sailboat available today. The award winning design (SMART award winner, 2001) incorporates twin foils. These act as leeboards when beating or reaching, and their in-built buoyancy controls the trim of the boat, this allows the sailor to remain in a comfortable, forward facing seated position with all controls easily to hand, and rudders activated by foot pedals or hand controls. Just about anyone can enjoy the thrill of single-handed asymmetric sailing whether beginner, novice under instruction, or seasoned sailor of any level of fitness and physical ability.

The Manta Equation is exciting, yet safe, with comfortable cockpit seating and ergonomic controls. Her unique configuration and stunning aesthetic qualities are coupled with ease of handling and surprising performance. The rear seat is ideal for buddy sailing, carrying passengers (one adult or two children) or storage solutions when cruising.

Read about the concept and design philosophy behind the boat set to change the face of small boat sailing.

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